wwe draft 2024 predictions

wwe draft 2024 predictions

The Great Reshuffle: Predicting the Moves That Will Shake Up the WWE Draft 2024

The annual WWE Draft is a night of anticipation and upheaval. Superstars change brands, rivalries are reignited, and fresh storylines bloom. As we approach the 2024 Draft, speculation runs rampant. Who will jump ship? What feuds will take center stage on Raw and SmackDown? Here's a breakdown of potential moves that could shake up the WWE landscape:

The Champion's Choice: Where Will Damian Priest Land?

The newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest, presents a fascinating first pick scenario. With his victory at WrestleMania, Priest cemented his place as a top dog. However, his affiliation with The Judgment Day could influence the Draft.

  • Option 1: Raw Retains its Champion: Given Raw's status as the flagship show, they might prioritize keeping their newly minted champion. This move would solidify Raw as the brand of world title dominance. It would also open the door for exciting rivalries like Jey Uso, seeking another shot at the gold, or a returning superstar hungry for a title reign.

  • Option 2: Splitting the Judgment Day Creates Drama: This option would be a bold shakeup. If Raw drafts Priest, SmackDown could counter by selecting Dominik Mysterio or Rhea Ripley. This creates immediate tension and sets the stage for inter-brand rivalry within The Judgment Day.

Jey Uso's Fork in the Road: Will He Reunite with the Usos?

Jey Uso has emerged as a captivating babyface on Raw. His impressive run and emotional connection with the fans make him a valuable asset. Here's where his future could lie:

  • Option 1: A Solo Flight on Raw: Jey Uso's singles push on Raw has been successful. The Draft could solidify his position as a top contender. This path allows him to continue his feud with The Judgment Day or pursue other exciting rivalries on the red brand.

  • Option 2: A Family Reunion on SmackDown: Reuniting Jey Uso with his brother Jimmy on SmackDown would be a crowd-pleasing move. This could lead to a reformed Usos tag team dominating the blue brand or even a potential storyline where Jey struggles to reconcile his singles success with the family dynamic.

The Women's Division Shakeup: Who Will Reign Supreme?

Both Raw and SmackDown boast a talented women's roster. Here are some potential moves that could spice things up:

  • Bianca Belair: The EST of Both Brands? Bianca Belair has already conquered SmackDown. Could she become a cross-brand champion, appearing on both Raw and SmackDown? This would elevate her status as a dominant force and create unique challenges for her challengers.

  • Bayley's Return: A SmackDown Takeover? Bayley's long-awaited return is imminent. SmackDown could draft her as a way to revitalize their women's division. With her heelish charisma and in-ring skills, Bayley could challenge the likes of Ronda Rousey or even set her sights on the SmackDown Women's Championship.

  • A Shot at Redemption for Asuka: Asuka's recent struggles could lead to a brand switch and a chance to revitalize her character. Raw could benefit from her veteran presence and in-ring prowess. A fresh start could see Asuka reclaim her "Empress of Tomorrow" persona and challenge the likes of Becky Lynch or a returning Charlotte Flair.

NXT Call-Ups: The Future Arrives

The NXT brand is a breeding ground for future stars. Here are some potential call-ups that could shake things up:

  • Solo Sikoa: Joining the Bloodline on SmackDown? Solo Sikoa, the real-life cousin of The Usos and Roman Reigns, is a rising star in NXT. A call-up to SmackDown would instantly insert him into the Bloodline storyline, adding a new dimension to the dominant faction.

  • Carmelo Hayes: North American Gold on Raw? Carmelo Hayes, the charismatic NXT North American Champion, could bring his swagger and mic skills to Raw. He could spark rivalries with established stars like The Miz or even Kofi Kingston, providing a fresh injection of energy to the mid-card scene.

The Wildcard Factor: What Surprises Await?

The WWE Draft is known for its surprise returns and unexpected picks. Here are some possibilities to keep an eye on:

  • The Rock's Shocking Return? Rumors of a Rock return have been swirling. Could he be drafted to a specific brand to set up a future feud with Roman Reigns or act as a mentor to a rising superstar?

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