Collection: ROH Championship Belts

Ring of Honor (ROH) Championship Belts: A Legacy of Honor

Introduction: Ring of Honor (ROH) has been a prominent force in the world of professional wrestling since its inception in 2002. The promotion has showcased a range of prestigious championship belts, each with a unique design, carrying the spirit of competition and honor. Let's delve into the history and specifications of some of the key ROH championship belts.

ROH World Championship: History: The ROH World Championship is the pinnacle of singles competition in ROH. Established in 2002, the inaugural champion was Low Ki. Over the years, the title has been held by numerous legendary performers, including Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and Jay Lethal.


  1. Design Elements: The ROH World Championship features a circular center plate with intricate detailing, often displaying the ROH logo prominently. The leather strap complements the design, and customizable side plates allow for personalization during a champion's reign.

  2. Material: Crafted from high-quality materials, the championship typically includes a combination of zinc, brass, and leather. The center plate may have gold or silver plating, enhancing its visual appeal.

  3. Strap: The leather strap is durable and adjustable to fit the waist of the champion comfortably. The color and texture of the strap may vary, adding to the overall aesthetics.

ROH World Television Championship: History: Introduced in 2010, the ROH World Television Championship was designed to bring an additional layer of competition to ROH's programming. The inaugural champion was Eddie Edwards.


  1. Design Elements: The ROH World Television Championship often features a rectangular center plate with the ROH logo. The side plates and detailing contribute to the overall design, providing a distinct look for this championship.

  2. Material: Similar to the ROH World Championship, the Television Championship is crafted from zinc, brass, and leather, with gold or silver plating on the center plate.

  3. Strap: The leather strap is adjustable and designed for comfort. The strap color and texture are chosen to complement the overall design of the championship.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: History: Established in 2002, the ROH World Tag Team Championship has been a focal point for the promotion's tag team division. The first champions were Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan.


  1. Design Elements: The ROH World Tag Team Championship features a larger center plate to accommodate the dual champions. The design often incorporates the ROH logo and other intricate detailing.

  2. Material: Crafted with the same quality materials as other ROH championships, the tag team titles showcase durability and visual appeal with gold or silver plating.

  3. Strap: The leather strap is designed to fit around the waists of both tag team members comfortably. The color and texture are chosen to complement the overall design.

Conclusion: ROH championship belts not only represent individual and tag team excellence but also embody the spirit of honor and competition. With a rich history and meticulously crafted designs, these championships continue to symbolize the essence of professional wrestling within the Ring of Honor.