Collection: Side Plates

Championship Belt Side Plates: Personalizing Wrestling Prestige


Championship belts in professional wrestling are not just symbols of victory; they are intricate works of art that reflect the prestige and legacy associated with holding a title. One fascinating aspect of these belts is the inclusion of side plates, which provide a unique and personalized touch to each championship.

Design and Significance:

Side plates are smaller, customizable plates attached to the sides of the main championship belt. These plates are often designed to feature symbols, logos, or initials that hold personal significance for the titleholder. The design possibilities are vast, ranging from national flags to individualized graphics that represent the champion's persona or achievements.

Personalization for Champions:

The incorporation of side plates allows wrestling promotions to create a deeper connection between the champion and their title. Champions often have the privilege of customizing their side plates, enabling them to showcase their unique identity and celebrate specific milestones in their careers.

Commemorating Achievements:

One of the most notable uses of side plates is to commemorate special achievements or victories. For example, a champion might add side plates with logos representing significant events they've won or rivalries they've triumphed in. This turns the championship belt into a visual timeline of a wrestler's journey.

Evolution of Side Plates:

As wrestling has evolved, so too have the designs of side plates. What once started as simple engravings has transformed into intricate pieces of art. With advancements in design technology, side plates have become more detailed, allowing for a higher level of customization and personalization.

WWE's Side Plate Tradition:

WWE, one of the largest wrestling promotions globally, has embraced the tradition of side plates with fervor. Champions in WWE often showcase personalized side plates on their championship belts, making the titles even more unique and coveted. WWE's attention to detail in creating these plates reflects the importance placed on the individual stories within the larger narrative of professional wrestling.

Collector's Items:

The significance of side plates extends beyond the wrestling ring. For fans, replica championship belts with customizable side plates have become highly sought-after collector's items. These replicas allow fans to emulate their favorite champions, adding a layer of personal connection to their wrestling memorabilia.


Championship belt side plates play a pivotal role in elevating the prestige and personal connection associated with holding a title in professional wrestling. These small, yet impactful, details contribute to the rich tapestry of the sport, transforming championship belts into unique works of art that tell the stories of the champions who wear them.