Collection: Smoking Skull Belt

The "Smoking Skull" belt is an iconic championship belt in the world of professional wrestling, specifically associated with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It gained prominence during the late 1990s and early 2000s, primarily through its association with one of the most popular wrestlers of that era, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


The Smoking Skull belt made its debut in 1998 when Stone Cold Steve Austin introduced it as his personalized version of the WWE Championship. It was a departure from the traditional design of WWE championship belts, featuring a distinct "smoking skull" motif in the center plate, with two smoking skulls on either side. The design was rugged, edgy, and perfectly captured Austin's rebellious persona.

Design and Materials:

The Smoking Skull belt typically featured a leather strap, often black, with metal plates for the main centerpiece and side plates. The center plate prominently displayed the smoking skull motif, often surrounded by intricate detailing or additional symbols. The side plates usually featured customizable spaces where the champion's name or logos could be added.


The Smoking Skull belt served as a symbol of dominance and rebellion within the WWE. It represented Austin's anti-establishment attitude and his willingness to do whatever it took to win. As he often declared, "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!" The belt became synonymous with his persona and was a coveted prize in WWE.

Wrestlers who won it:

While the Smoking Skull belt was primarily associated with Stone Cold Steve Austin, other wrestlers have also held replicas or versions of it in various storylines or as merchandise. However, in the context of WWE canon, only Austin was officially recognized as the holder of the Smoking Skull championship.


The Smoking Skull belt remains an enduring symbol of the Attitude Era in WWE and continues to hold nostalgic value for fans of that period. Its rugged design and association with Stone Cold Steve Austin make it one of the most recognizable championship belts in wrestling history. While it may not be an active championship in WWE today, its impact on the industry and its place in wrestling lore are undeniable.

In summary, the Smoking Skull belt is a unique and iconic championship belt in professional wrestling, known for its distinct design, association with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and representation of rebellion and defiance within the WWE. Its place in wrestling history is secure, and it continues to be revered by fans around the world.