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WWF Belt

UFC 244 BMF Wrestling Championship Title Belt

UFC 244 BMF Wrestling Championship Title Belt

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The UFC 244 BMF (Baddest Motherf**ker) Wrestling Championship Title Belt is an iconic and unconventional accolade introduced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to recognize a special event and highlight the grit and determination of fighters within the promotion. Adorned with unique design elements and prominently featuring the BMF logo, this championship belt symbolizes a unique blend of skill, toughness, and bravado in the world of mixed martial arts. The BMF title is contested by elite fighters who embody the spirit of being the "baddest" in the sport, engaging in highly anticipated matchups that captivate audiences worldwide. While not a traditional championship belt in the strictest sense, the UFC 244 BMF Wrestling Championship Title Belt serves as a symbolic representation of a fighter's tenacity, resilience, and willingness to push the boundaries in pursuit of greatness inside the Octagon.


Main plate measures approx. 11.4'' x 9''
1st side plate measures approx. 3.25'' x 5''
2nd side plate measures approx. 3.25'' x 4.5''
3rd side plate measures approx. 2.5'' x 2''
Belt strap length is 50" and fits up to 46" Waist
High Quality Replica Title Belt
Weighs approx. 5.95 lbs. (2700g)
Genuine Cowhide Leather Strap 4MM Thick
2MM - 4MM - 6MM Plates Thickness
Brass/Zinc Alloy Plates Material
This Belt Is Fully Customizable On Demand Just In Few Dollars

Customer Reviews

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The Belt doesn't match the image

I was disappointed once I compared the belt I received to the image of the same belt on the WWF website. They should put pictures of what their product actually looks like. I would have reconsidered my purchase if the belt wasn't as similar as the image online. Overall it's a decent purchase

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