Collection: Hardcore Championship Belts

The Hardcore Championship was a unique title in professional wrestling, known for its 24/7 rule, which meant that the title could be defended at any time and any place, leading to spontaneous and often chaotic matches. The title underwent several changes in design during its existence in WWE. Here is a list of some Hardcore Championship belts:

  1. Original Hardcore Championship:

    • Introduced in 1998.
    • Featured a silver center plate with the word "Hardcore" prominently displayed.
    • The design included a leather strap and additional silver plates on the sides.
  2. WWE Hardcore Championship (2002):

    • Introduced after the original Hardcore Championship was retired.
    • Featured a silver oval-shaped center plate with the WWE logo.
    • The strap was made of leather, and the title was defended under the same 24/7 rule.
  3. Customized Hardcore Championship (2003):

    • In 2003, the Hardcore Championship was briefly brought back with a customized design.
    • Featured a distinctive green and silver color scheme.

These are the main designs associated with the Hardcore Championship during its existence in WWE. It's important to note that the Hardcore Championship was retired in 2002, and while there were attempts to revive it with a customized design in 2003, it did not have the same longevity as its earlier iterations. The 24/7 rule, however, continued to be incorporated into other titles and segments in WWE programming.